NewTerritory is an independent creative studio based in London.

We believe positive experiences with the brands, spaces, products and services around us, have the power to improve our relationship with the world we inhabit - through well designed moments, we can shape and build greater advocacy, longevity, connectivity and delight.

Spanning brand vision and sustainable futures, to well-being, mobility and connected living,
we partner with and help support brands navigate an evolving, interconnected landscape.

Through our deeply collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach and diverse cross-sector knowledge, we create greater impact for people, planet and profit.

What We Do


Future facing values, principles and North
Stars that help reignite internal culture and reshape external experience.

  • Insight & strategic direction
  • Purpose, positioning & proposition
  • Brand & portfolio system thinking


Elevated experiences that change

perceptions and create greater advocacy,
through a blend of physical, service and digital.

  • Journey mapping & service design
  • Industrial & spatial design
  • Creative technology, UX & UI


Authentic, compelling and memorable
storytelling that engages audiences, fosters
loyalty and inspires action.

  • Brand identity & guidelines
  • Narrative & visualisation
  • Campaigns & activations


We start by carefully tracing the journey; creating a vision and mapping each moment with a focus on the small things others often miss. These details allow us to craft meaningful moments. Taking a thoughtful, empathic approach, we create brand experiences that delight from start to finish.


Genuine change starts from the inside out, which is why our creative process is rooted in building meaningful relationships with internal teams, allowing space for experimentation and collaboration to transform vision into reality. 


We’re committed to positively impacting the bottom line, the people we design for and the planet. From KPIs to carbon footprint, we measure how our work affects the world around us and care deeply about the legacy it leaves behind. 

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