Aura™ NewTerritory’s Brand Intelligence Platform

Measure the Impossible

BX investment is often reliant on industry expertise, exposing brands to opinion, risk and inconsistency.

With an Intelligent Platform

Aura combines strategy with data to measure, compare and optimise your next in-carin-storeairportcabinbrandproduct experience.

To Change the Conversation

Confident decision-making allows for informed deployment of capital across the entire brand journey.

Emotion Leads Experience

When it comes to long term brand building and sustainable growth, creating an emotional connection with customers is vital. This connection influences intention to buy; it creates a lifetime advantage that predicts purchasing behaviour, accelerates growth and can help support a pricing strategy. 

Aura helps you better understand your customer or employees’ emotions so you can tune your brand experience. The Aura Index Score is a unique fingerprint defining how your brand is perceived against our four core components: Trust, Valued, Innovation and Contribution.

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