Our Work

Our cross-sector expertise means that, whether working with household names or impact-driven startups, we partner with trailblazing leaders, acting as catalysts for change in comprehensive brand transformation.


Zero Emission Aviation

We worked with Universal Hydrogen on their mission to decarbonise aviation. We designed their H1 module, a vital hydrogen loading system. Using storytelling and photorealistic renders we brought the new design and system to life leading to a successful funding round for the next phase of their evolution.

A Sustainable Solution to Last Mile Delivery

We supported EAV in their mission to transform our cities through clean, quiet e-cargo vehicles and its infrastructure. From design through to visualisation we used prototyping and full scale mock ups to define and articulate a physical language.

Brand Transformation for Microdosing

We collaborated with Microdosing Collective to shape their purpose, tone of voice and visual identity. Through a comprehensive brand overhaul across their digital platforms and physical spaces, we supported their mission to tell a new story about safe microdosing.

Conceptualising Sustainable Seat Design

We explored the future of aviation seating through a systems-focused approach to materiality and sustainability. A new seating concept, Re:Frame was created, inspired by the elemental build and craft of furniture design, offering a flexible canvas for comfort, experiences and technology with a focus on radically reducing weight, waste and complexity.

A New Strategic Vision

We supported DIRTEA as lead Creative Partner across brand vision, campaign strategy and execution. From journey mapping through to launch, the overarching vision and product launches support DIRTEA's mission to build a community around the functional mushroom movement.