Automotive Interiors Workshop

Join us at this year’s Automotive Interior by RedCabin — a conference exploring the future of auto and mobility, delving into trends, challenges, and solutions.

NT Creative Director, James Ravenhall and Senior Creative Strategist, Guneet Sidhu will lead the workshop on Cultivating Creativity in Car Design: Strategies for Building a High-Performing and Inspiring Culture.

The interactive working group will explore how to foster creativity and excellence within car design. We will bring forth our expertise in brand vision, experience design and communication to collaboratively envision seamless user experiences.

The session will look beyond the automotive industry and delve into the art of journey mapping, user mindsets and physical and emotional need states, to create more meaningful relationships with our bodies, the journeys we take and the places we inhabit, elevating the car experience. Learn new design philosophies, cultivate creating thinking and explore the future of mobility in this working group.

See the full programme here.

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