Exploring Food Futures

Imminent Eats

We foresee future worlds of product, service and experience that create new rituals and traditions, going beyond sustenance, to reconnect with ourselves and with the community.

Here we unpack 3 critical themes for Future Consumption: Eat Well to Feel Well, Rituals of Connection and New Flavour Horizons.

Growing Potentials

—As industrial farming methods wreak havoc on ecological balance, agricultural innovators are pioneering new farming methods which challenge traditional usage of space and resource.

Growing Underground produce sustainable greens 33 metres beneath the streets of London — demonstrating the potential of new growing systems. How can we build infrastructures that allow us to produce and distribute foods beyond conventional locations to meet consumer needs?

The New Supply

—Alternatives to an overburdened food supply are needed to future proof our dinner plates. From lab grown meats cultured from air to vegan foie gras, ingredient innovation is expanding our taste horizons. 

The Anthropocene Cookbook by MIT press challenges our traditions and expectations around food and rituals of eating, offering a road map to our edible futures. How can we meaningfully introduce new ingredients to establish new cultures of flavour and rituals of eating?

Out of this World

—Looking for experiences that offer us a taste beyond the ordinary, culinary adventures offer us ways to explore new frontiers. 

At NT we are exploring new ways to experience flavour. The Space Launch Box explores how food might be enjoyed at zero gravity. How can the limitations of extreme environments open up the realms of the possible, creating new experiential moments that alter our perspective? 

Full Spectrum Aliveness

—The trend for high vibe rituals is not going away. Promising connection with self and community, elevating peak moments and infusing an appreciation of the ordinary. 

KA Empathogenics combine kanna, a naturally psychoactive ingredient used in traditional Khosian culture with botanicals — helping people to feel more alive. As attitudes shift towards psychedelic and psychoactive compounds, how will rituals of health and connection evolve?

Local Heroes

—Seeking less depersonalised food options and more distributive models of production, consumers are increasingly championing local suppliers.

Brining peer-to-peer e-commerce to the food market, the DELLI app turns your home cooking into a side hustle. A celebration of community and diverse food culture. How can we adapt to more localised production models while platforming global customs?

Just a Drop

—Emerging from the beauty and cosmetics industry, waterless food and drink reduces a product to its most essential, reducing waste by eliminating packaging and weight. 

Waterdrop enriches your water with a range of micro drinks — from teas to electrolytes. How could reduced and elemental recipes change the presentation and experience of common food moments?

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