We foresee future worlds of product, service and immersive experience which craft evocative and memorable moments of AWE, elevating beyond the A to B, supporting wellbeing and creating new flying opportunities.

Here we unpack 5 perspectives that ties Future of Flight with AWE: Sensory Curations, Accessible Comfort, Go Beyond Anywhere, Cultures of Care, and Transposed Spaces.

Sensory Curations

—The senses are uniquely and intimately perceived by each of us, guiding us through space, evoking memories and emotions. They impress upon us states of mind and physical response which define our experiences.

The Sony Honda Afeela, a hyper-tailored sensory environment concept car, uses Sony’s 360 spatial sound to create a reflective, layered experience which connects us to our surroundings and anchors us within the present moment.

How might onboard moments be given new depth and richness through the thoughtful curation of the senses?

Accessible Comfort

—Finding meaningful ways of offering premium comfort in a spatially compressed cabin has long been the conundrum of seating designs and Location of Passenger Accommodations (LOPA) layouts.

Universal Movement is a simple but revolutionary reinterpretation of aviation seating, offering comfort to the many.

How can we evolve cabin culture towards a more humanised and supportive era while maximising opportunities for retrofit to reduce cost and waste?

Go Beyond, Anywhere

—Technology and nature come together to forge worlds which are evocative, emotional and intriguing. From navigational layering to immersible reflective realms — how can we support passengers to explore inner and outer dimensions?

The Audi Activesphere brings the journey to life with AR layering, while promises digital wellness escapes centred on immersive imagination.

How can the future of in-flight entertainment embrace immersive technologies to create truly moving experiences?

Cultures of Care

—Curating onboard touchpoints which reduce waste are more important than ever in today’s conscious and discerning passenger.

Silo London curates local zero waste food experiences, making tableware from waste wine bottles and selecting unexpected local ingredients.

How can responsible sourcing and material use inform meaningful service moments which evoke a sense of global locality and a culture of care?

Transposed Spaces

​​—We worked with Airbus and A3 to design and prototype new aircraft experiences that meet fast and ever-changing customer and commercial needs.

We explored this by looking into the ways we live, work and move — now and in the future. 

Each modular experiential segment, once combined, creates a richer on-board space that offers full flexibility for airlines to curate bespoke, more personal and immersive experiences.

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