Future Retail Experiences

Shoppable Sensory Dimensions

We foresee future worlds of product, service and experience that explore new avenues for connection in playful yet meaningful ways.

Here we unpack 3 critical themes for Future Retail Experiences: Synaestheisic Sensations, Phygital Layering and Contextual Values.

Evocative Exploration

—The retail experience has evolved beyond the product. Consumers now expect an immersive experience that is tactile and unexpected. 

Nike's House of Innovation offers a playful and evocative introduction to new and emerging technologies, inviting the customer into the R&D process.

In the world of mundane and hyper repetitive, how can we create genuine and unexpected experiences that feel as unique as the customer?

Meta Physical

—A blending world of physical and digital worlds allows customers to interact with products and brands in a direct and immersive way.

At NT we are creating phygital sensorial worlds, leveraging the senses to creative emotive and ownable experiences.

How can brands explore new ways to shop and build community within the metaverse?

Retail Therapy

—‘Mental calm can naturally be found through light, food, sound, scent, and movement. If we don’t live in harmony with these rhythms (as is often the case in our modern-day lifestyle) our ability to perform and regenerate steadily decreases.’ Hagius Gym 

Experiential wellness spaces such as Hagius Gym are leveraging neuroaesthetics to create richly layered environments which calm and please the scenes.

How can spatial design do more to serve the senses, supporting health and wellness?

Tonic for Trouble Times

—Living in the time of constant flux, demographics young and old are seeking alternative retail models and ever more conscious shopping experiences.

Atelier100 curates products by makers located within 100km of its store.

How can retail reflect its customer in more contextual ways, adopting and celebrating relatable local vernaculars?

Up Front Hubs

—Responsible design must be more than an aspiration, customers are becoming increasingly discerning around sustainable signals.

Haeckels have created an anti green washing store front, inviting curiosity through a scientific lens.

How can retail offer experiential tonics to the malaise of our times, addressing challenges head on and with an educational tone?

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