London Tech Week 2023

Safe AI and Metaverses

The concepts of AI and metaverses, virtual and augmented reality-based shared online spaces, have gained significant attention in recent times. They both present new paradigms for human interaction and digital experiences. However, concerns regarding digital identity theft have come with the hype — protecting personal data and mitigating identity theft risks have become crucial considerations in this evolving digital landscape. Benefits of these technologies though, such as applications in healthcare, agriculture and city planning, should outnumber the risks 10 to one if they're to be fully adopted.

This tug of war was at the core of the conversation today at London Tech Week’s 10th annual event. NewTerritory attended to learn more about what is being done to make AI and metaverses safe spaces.

AI in Healthcare

AI plays a pivotal role in both the metaverse and various industries. The integration of AI technologies in healthcare, known as HealthTech, has been a notable area of exploration. The HealthTech summits at London Tech Week examined the future of healthcare workforces, ethical considerations in AI adoption, and innovative clinical trials. AI's transformative potential in improving healthcare outcomes was a recurring theme in these discussions.

AI and Metaverse Privacy

In the context of the metaverse, cybersecurity measures have focused on attack surface management (ASM). ASM involves actively monitoring vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors from a hacker's perspective. This approach allows for proactive identification and mitigation of security risks, safeguarding the metaverse and its users.

Metaverse and Future Cities

The metaverse has served as a platform for envisioning and designing future cities and urban innovations. The combination of technology, innovation, and mission-oriented approaches has been instrumental in shaping urban development discussions. Emphasising sustainable practices, understanding behavioral psychology to tackle climate change, and responding to global initiatives like the European Green Deal and the US Inflation Reduction Act are central themes in these conversations. Image credit: Sky News.

AI Farming

The agricultural industry has witnessed significant transformations through AI and technology already. Precision agriculture, vertical farming, sustainable crop protection, and regenerative agriculture practices have gained traction. These advancements enable more efficient and sustainable farming methods, helping to address food security challenges and reduce environmental impact.

In summary, the metaverse and AI are intertwined concepts that hold immense potential across various domains. Safeguarding digital identities in the metaverse, employing AI in healthcare, exploring urban innovation, addressing climate change, and revolutionising agriculture are among the key areas of focus within these realms. As the metaverse continues to evolve and AI advancements progress, these topics will likely shape the future of digital experiences and societal development.

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