Multi-Sensorial Prototyping

A Multi-Sensory Blank Canvas

With our immersive prototyping rig, we can curate the stimulus received by each and every one of our senses – sight, sound, smell, touch and even taste – plus additional spatial effects such as wind and temperature, creating a blank canvas for us to test anything.

Be Anywhere, Now

From a vineyard in France, to the interior of a car, to a space station on the moon… Our immersive blank canvas enables us to envelop users in a simulation of our own design, so that we can test real or impossible experiences quickly and effectively.

Driver Stress and Excitement

One application of our prototyping rig is using it to simulate the in-car environment, in a safe environment that lets us test and innovative new driver and passenger experiences without endangering real people on real roads.

The 'Cognition Goldilocks Zone'

We discovered the moment in which the driver is in the right frame of mind to take over control from a semi-autonomous car. Neither understimulated, or overstimulated, but somewhere in the middle is just right. With this information, we can use multi-sensory 'interventions' to 'bump' the driver into the cognition goldilocks zone.

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