Transcending Mobility — Year 2100

Holistic Wellbeing Mobility Systems

We've observed a notable shift in the past decades, with car companies defining themselves as mobility or tech companies thanks to their advancements in IoT, A.I., and robotics.

In order to define innovative strategies and future roadmaps, we must craft a future that directly responds to societal, economic, environmental, technological, and scientific rises, falls, and advancements.

In the first of our Transcending Mobility series, we explore the key drivers that auto brands will need to consider when designing for our future.

Year 2024–2100

Looking to the year 2100, a new partnership between humans, nature, and technology evolves. This synergy gives rise to hybrid life forms, genetic alterations, chemical robots, hybrid technologies, and autonomous intelligent systems.

From extreme environments to advanced knowledge and evolving consumption, many factors will influence how the disruptors of the mobility landscape will succeed.

Extreme Environments & Infinite Personalities

Extreme climates will drive lifestyle changes for both organisms and humans to thrive despite the harsh conditions. The digital world will unlock opportunities to personalise in a standardised world, with A.I. and global living removing barriers of language.

Human Enlightenment & Bio-Harmonisation

The burnout era will lead to the collapse of traditional work structures. Knowledge will become the currency depending on the A.I. level people have access to. With people living longer, wellbeing will be redefined. With a blend of cell engineering and early detection technology, we will be able to upgrade our bodies on the fly.

Multi-Dimensional Lives & Metamorphic Surfaces

The digital world will be interwoven within the fabric of our spaces. We will be able to touch, feel, and smell from afar through next-gen multi-verse devices. The future of materials will progress further than humans through technologies that reprogram biological materials for diverse applications — materials, medicine, manufacturing, and agriculture that shape-shift without the need for energy.

New Wealth Status & Evolving Consumption

Up to 87.5 million individuals are each holding at least $1 million in wealth in 2026 — with wealth emerging from new geographies such as South-East Asia. Consumption will become gamified with flavour profiles that reflect social interactions in the real and digital world. People will transition from ‘explore mode’ to traditional ‘mode’ to flex between lab-cultured to heritage flavours.

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