New Multi-sensory CX

Virtual reality and metaverse experiences available today rely purely on audio-visuals – but we have more than two senses. As brands look to engage with audiences more deeply and widen accessibility, sensorial data is becoming critical to the concept of ubiquitous sensing. Through integrated AI and tracking, all of the senses can be harnessed to provoke consumer emotion and cognitive ability.


Enhancing the buyer journey: The scalable, wall mounted, modular architectural system embeds sensors to track movement and read the biometrics of individuals in certain spaces. This data is then used to alter the surrounding light, sound or smell to draw individuals further into the retail environment. Businesses can also leverage the data to map and enrich the buyer journey.


Richer virtual experiences: Augmented reality goggles leverage haptic feedback from clothing and finger tracking to create more immersive experiences in the virtual world. The goggles integrate vibrations to bring in sound and scent. There’s also the option to introduce technology in clothing for additional vibration and temperature control.


Stress free driving: A deconstructable, portable mount reads the driver’s biometric data and links to external stimuli to help control emotive responses and create a bubble of stress-less driving.


Holistic sensorial immersion: The 360° projector relays live events, flooding the space with images, scent and sound. The device tracks users in the room, shifting the livestream’s focus points to create a more dynamic experience – which users can pan around and explore in real-time. It also links to home technology for sound and temperature control, to help curate holistic sensorial immersion.


Recovery and mental wellness: Users can create an optimum room environment with calming mental stimulation to enhance recovery and promote mental wellness – all via an easily transportable, biophillically designed device perfect for bedside positioning. The device links mental wellness to health neuroaesthetics by distributing pink-noise sound healing, biomimicry, and tailored light adjustment.


47% of consumers say immersive technologies make them feel connected with products

50% of consumers would better recall brands that regularly engage them with immersive technologies

59% of consumers decide to buy in store versus online based on the ability to feel, touch, try the product

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