Stay Your Way

We foresee new worlds of product, service and experience that serve an evolving mindset- seeking flexible authenticity to explore a nuanced and changing world. 

Here we unpack 3 critical themes for Future Hospitality;

Rest Assured

—In this busy world, we are craving ways to reconnect with a different pace of life. Some hospitality brands are differentiating by offering routes to connect with ourselves and others through a natural rhythm. 

Birch Community delivers relaxation through process- offering classes and workshops such as fitness, crafts, foragery and more.

What if hospitality unlocked our passions, crafting experiential journeys which support a sense of joyful deceleration and engaged relaxation?

Elastic Living

—With increasing demands on city resources and with home and short stay spaces being used in more layered and multi-modal ways, tools which facilitate clever use of space are needed to unlock room to live.

Ori Living are a robotic furniture company creating expandable living spaces which enable people to live larger in a smaller footprint.

How can space be reinvented to give greater flexibility and access to fluid and adaptable ways of living and exploring?

Empathic Spaces

—The complexities of life experienced in our day to day environments calls for a shift from functionally to emotionally smart technologies.

At NewTerritory, we are exploring Empathic Technology. Three cuspal categories of Connect, Sense & Enhance trace a line from near to further future, and from product to fixture to architecture.

How can our spaces reflect and respond to our multifaceted lives, offering us environments which nurture and protect us both physically and emotionally?

Sights Unseen

—Curating discovery and delight to balance the familiar with the unexpected- brands are banding together to offer ecosystems of experience and reward.

DisLoyalty is a membership subscription perfect for those who love exploring. Find your new favourites and be rewarded for your curiosity.

How can brands curate a cadence of discovery which promote novel interactions, expanding opportunities for meaningful experiences?

At Home Anywhere

—The off grid lifestyle has a universal appeal, and this trend of connected escapism is only becoming more poignant as we consider the needs of  future living.

Out of the Valley create cabins and nomadic architecture which allow people to reconnect with the rhythms of nature.

How can spaces and places give us greater connection to ourselves and our environments?

Reciprocal Stays

—Moving beyond sustainability, we want to understand how the businesses we encounter are contributing a net positive to their communities and environment. 

Regenerative Travel are an association of hospitality brands offering curated experiences with reciprocal benefit for the guest and local community.

How can we embed regenerative practices to inform new service cultures which feel truly authentic, unique and embedded in place?

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