Next-Gen— Shifting Values in Luxury

NewTerritory goes back to university

The NT team has been exploring the shifting values of premium across a diverse range of sectors. Our Senior Creative Strategist, Guneet, led a workshop with undergraduate students from the University of Plymouth, from product, interior, and furniture design, to hear from the next generation what luxury means to them.

So what does luxury mean for the next generation?

With much excitement from the NT team, during the session the students expressed values and needs that challenged the luxury landscape today. For them luxury was about building authentic connections, being inspired or having the ability to give back to communities through their skillset...

A challenge to design the next luxury mobility solution

To generate ideas, we grouped our values into three themes and split into teams of three to create luxury mobility experiences based on their chosen theme. Each team wrote a brief outlining their solutions using ‘what if’ statements, which framed the type of solutions they would ideate on. We loved the diversity of topics they chose to focus on as it looked at mobility as more than just going from A-B but as an opportunity for brands to create a signature moment.

Our design process spans Map, Make, Move — three phases which cover journeys and trends, through to strategy, delivery and impact. Read more about our process here.

Spotify Bubble Team

Map— Unplanned/ Time & Space to Dream/ Emotional Connection/ Meeting Someone New/ Serendipity Encounters

Make— What if mobility connected next-gen through music?

Move— A digital service by Spotify that allows people to share (or not) their music bubble with others. A new concept where our journeys can be enriched through music whether you’re in an Uber carpool or packed-out train carriages. Build a unique bubbleID that mark a time and place you made a playlist together. Famous playlists may also become NFTs that people would want to own — imagine if we could buy a bubble print of our famous musicians, travelling together to a fashion show?

BeReal Journey Team

Map— Digital Chain Reactions/ Real/ Authentic/ Guilt-free/ Tangible/ Convenient

Make— What if mobility created opportunities to connect through personalising digital connections or experiences?

Move— A platform building on the concept of BeReal in which you take an authentic picture of yourself in the moment. This team expanded on what this platform could be as a service provider, mentioning that the platform could read the type of images you take and recommend events happening nearby that reflect your authentic self — allowing you to be ‘more you’.

Adaptive Sneakers Team

Map— Juxtaposition/ Relaxed/ Mindful/ Stress Relief/ Natural/ Escapism/ Simplicity

Make— What if mobility integrates escapism within next-gen culture?

Move— This team took on the task of individual mobility, which reflects the challenges we face in moving from A-B in crowded urban cities in the future. Adaptive Sneakers is a concept that teases how footwear can adapt to the floor/ environment and the time you're travelling. At times it can bring a level of comfort during commuting but for leisure it can bring an element of magic and escapism allowing you to feel the environment you're in through sensory technologies.

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