London EV Show 2023

London EV Show 2023 hosted a range of global EV players from start-ups, investors, governments and OEMs. Showcasing some of the latest and most innovative solutions in the ever-evolving automotive market.

Here we will share four themes from the event that sparked our interest:

Better Journeys

Trusting EV

Systems to Service

Range Anxiety Management

Revolutionising Technologies

Electric vehicles have specific needs due to the nature of the battery used to power the vehicles. For some time the industry has used components such as tires made for regular cars on EVs. This has led to tires becoming heavy and not necessarily more supportive or efficient.

Hankook is revolutionising the future of travel using AI and 3D printing to create localised EV tires. The iON collection supports the EV drive through its longer tread life, high grip form, low noise and rolling resistance. While many tire manufacturers in the industry focus on using regular tires on EVs which often results in premature wear and tear due to their design not fully accommodating to factors such as the weight of batteries. Hankook is utilising machine learning and their R&D facilities to bring an industry first to the market, an exciting development for the future of the EV drive.

Policy Power

Pressure is being applied to the trucking industry as the UK government plans to end the sale of new, non-zero emission HGVs less than or equal to 26 tonnes from 2035 or 2040. A transition to EV will require support and guidance from governments, EV truck manufacturers and charging suppliers to ensure businesses and the roads are equipped for this change.

Heritage and major commercial vehicle manufacturer DAF hit the roads for the EV Rally 2023. Taking the DAF LF Electric across the 5 capitals of the UK and Ireland over 5 days to demonstrate to the trucking industry and drivers that EVs can reach business goals effectively but accessibility to charging points is crucial to making that possible.

Supportive Service

Managing elements of car ownership for both traditional cars and EV can be laborious and complex. Maintenance, insurance and financing are just a few areas to address when owning a car. Several apps on the market cater to individual needs, meaning multiple apps are needed depending on the support or maintenance needed.

Ford Pro is a commercial-specific service created to support business owners to accelerate their productivity. Trust can be built with their integrated ecosystem which uses real-time telematic vehicle health monitoring, finance-related amenities, EV charging management and more to give back valuable time for business-specific services or leisure such as simply getting back home to family on time.

Range Anxiety Management

One topic discussed at RedCabin Automotive 2023 was tackling range anxiety. Everyone drives in different ways with some habits and actions having a bigger impact on the range than others. Range anxiety can be difficult to manage as EV drivers will often guesstimate the effects their actions have on their battery range such as speed of travel, usage of heating or air conditioning, playing music and more.

Infinity has created a user-friendly app that will give EV drivers the ability to have freedom along their EV drive journeys. Using 2 main modes of support that will aim to alleviate range anxiety in one curated application. The Auto Route will help drivers to quickly find the closest, fastest, available charging points and Plan Route will allow drivers to efficiently plan their journey and charge point stops according to their desired destination.

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